Centers and Institutes

    SciDAC’s Centers for Enabling Technology (CETs) and the Institutes have been building a software infrastructure; a comprehensive, integrated, scalable, and robust high performance software environment, which overcomes difficult technical challenges to quickly enable the effective use of terascale and petascale systems by SciDAC applications. CETs address needs for: new algorithms which scale to parallel systems having hundreds of thousands of processors; methodology for achieving portability and interoperability of complex high performance scientific software packages; operating systems and runtime tools and support for application execution performance and system management; and effective tools for feature identification, data management and visualization of petabyte-scale scientific data sets. CETs also address the Distributed Science Software Environment elements of the SciDAC program. SciDAC Institutes are university-led centers of excellence intended to complement the efforts of the SciDAC Centers for Enabling Technologies and to increase the presence of the program in the academic community.

    Detailed references to any component of the SciDAC software infrastructure can be found through the information and the URLs provided below.

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